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Brexit: An Era of Uncertainty

Published date: December 12, 2018
Last modified: December 12, 2018

As Theresa May now faces a vote of no confidence from Tory MPs, the chaos of Brexit seems set to worsen.  If May is voted out as leader of the Conservative party, a new Prime Minister may be faced with delaying Brexit.

The difficult task of negotiating the right deal for Britain’s exit from the European Union has already created a climate of instability in British and international politics.  Britain’s future is uncertain and its fate undetermined.

However, what we do know is that Brexit will have widespread implications regardless of the chosen deal or no deal.

At Lichfield Literature 2019, Michael Clarke, Professor of Defence Studies and vice president of the Royal United Services Institute,  focuses on the implications Brexit will have on British defence policy in particular. Clarke attempts to offer a guide to understanding this area of policy through the lens of Brexit by analyzing Britain’s military strategies. Drawing on up-to-date information he will examine all the elements that go to make up Britain’s defence policy as it goes through this significant transition.

Michael Clarke, The Challenge of Defending Britain,  Thursday 7th March 6:30 pm at Swinfen Hall Hotel

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By Molly Baker, undergraduate studying BA History and Political Science at Birmingham University.