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Lost novel by ‘A Clockwork Orange’ author Antony Burgess to be discussed at Lichfield Literature 2019

Published date: December 5, 2018
Last modified: December 12, 2018

Teacher. Composer. Playwright. Journalist. Autobiographer. Broadcaster. Translator. Critic. Novelist.

Antony Burgess had a variety of occupations over his lifetime to the extent that he might be called a polymath- a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. Born in Manchester, Burgess travelled the world and wide range of countries he lived in is almost as varied as his work- from Malaya to Malta, Italy to the United States.

Now, Burgess’s lost novel, Puma has been published by Manchester University Press in an attempt to bring all of Burgess’s novels and non-fiction books back into print. As a part of this, The Antony Burgess Foundation have disentangled the narrative of Puma from Burgess’s acclaimed The End of the World News, to restore the lost novel as Burgess originally intended it.

Set in the near future, Puma details the crushing of the planet Earth by a heavyweight intruder from a distant galaxy – the dreaded rogue planet Puma. It is a visceral book about the end of history as humankind has known it. Despite its apocalyptic themes, its earthquakes and tidal waves, its murder and madness, Puma is a gloriously comic novel, steeped in the rich literary heritage of a world soon to be extinguished.

Members of The Antony Burgess Foundation join us at Lichfield Literature on Saturday 9th March 2019 to discuss the work behind the scenes, as they brought this lost novel to publication, as well as taking a broader view of Burgess’s life and work, and the lasting impact he has on the new generations of science fiction fans around the world.

PUMA: The Lost Novel of Antony Burgess, The George Hotel, Saturday 9th March at 11.45am

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