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Lynne Murphy – The Prodigal Tongue

Published date: February 6, 2019
Last modified: February 6, 2019

Blue, white and red are all colours of the British Flag. Blue, white and red are all colors of the American Flag.

From flags to language Britain and America may seem similar but their differences abound.

Lynne Murphy in The Prodigal Tongue  gets to the centre/center of the love-hate relationship between British and American English. Murphy highlights the offence/offense both countries take in recognising/recognizing the differences in each other’s use of the English language. Both sides quickly getting on the defence/defense and refusing to apologise/apologize.

Some Americans Suffer from a verbal inferiority complex, while on this side of the pond Brits are gripped by a delusional paranoia that their English is under attack.

Murphy will join us at Lichfield Literature 2019 to share surprising revelations about how our language really works.