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Talk: Alison Weir


Wed 11 Jul 2018 5:00 pm


Wade Street Church
Price: £10

Rescheduled Event from the Literature Festival

Queens of the Conquest

The life stories of England’s medieval queens are vivid and stirring, packed with human interest, high drama, tragedy and turbulence. Love, hate, ambition and mystery – they are all part of this monumental saga. In this, the first of four books in the series, Alison Weir looks at the lives of five Norman queens, from Matilda of Flanders, who supported William the Conqueror in his invasion of England in 1066, to the turbulent Empress Maud, who fought a bitter war with her cousin King Stephen, and founded the Plantagenet dynasty as the mother of Henry II. Stripping away centuries of romantic mythology and legends, and delving beyond the prejudice and credulity in contemporary sources, Alison will reveal a more balanced and authentic picture of these extraordinary women. Alison Weir is the United Kingdom’s most popular and best-selling female historian, and has sold over 2.7 million books worldwide.

Running Time: 60 mins (approx.)

(NB. This event does not appear in the festival booking brochure as it was originally scheduled for the Literature Festival in March 2018.  Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, the event was cancelled but fortunately we have been able to reschedule it within the main summer festival.  Current bookers tickets will still be valid but we have been able to release extra tickets due to the change of venue).

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