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On Life in The Archers


Sat 03 Mar 2018 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm


The George Hotel
Price: £9
Custard, Culverts & Cake

Academics on life in The Archers

For more than sixty years, The Archers has been entertaining Radio 4 listeners with the trials and tribulations of everyday life in the fictional farming community of Ambridge. For many fans, the lines between fact and fiction have become somewhat blurred, the behavior of Ambridge’s characters subject to heated debate with friends and on social media. The Archers have even found their way into the world of academia.

Drs Cara Courage, Joanna Dobson and Nicola Headlam, all sharing a mutual love of The Archers, draw on their areas of academic expertise, and delve a little deeper into the wide realm of real life issues covered by the programme. Whether it’s flood resilience or diabetes (or lack of, particularly given the amount of cake eaten), bird-watching or domestic violence, disability or education, the reflect on what the UK’s longest running radio soap might just be telling us about contemporary attitudes to these issues.

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