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Maggie Andrews & Janis Lomas


Fri 08 Mar 2019 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm


The George Hotel
Price: £10

Maggie Andrews & Janis Lomas 

A History of Women in 100 Objects


The history of the world has been told in objects. But what about the objects that tell the history of women? What are the items that symbolise the journey of women from second-class citizens with no legal rights, no vote and no official status to the powerful people they are today? And what are the objects that still oppress women, even now? From the corset to the contraceptive pill, the bones of the first woman to Rosa Parks’s mugshot and the iconic Mary Quant cape, A History of Women in 100 Objects documents the developing role of women in society through the lens of the inanimate objects that touched women’s lives, were created by women or that at some time – perhaps even
still – oppressed them.

Historians Maggie Andrews and Janis Lomas round off our celebration of International Women’s Day with their tale of women and womanhood

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