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Published date: April 14, 2019
Last modified: April 14, 2019

A Statement Regarding Our 2019 Themes

Several months ago, we decided to include “Farewell to Europe” as one of the themes of this year’s Festival.  Historically, our Festival has acknowledged significant moments in history (for example, the centenary of women’s emancipation in 2018, and the 50th anniversary of the moon landings as second theme this July), and our intention with this theme was to celebrate European music and culture in a significant year.  The title was meant only as a reference to a current event (at a time when we thought that the UK would be leaving the EU on the March 29th deadline) and was never intended as a political statement: farewells can be sad or happy, bitter or without rancour, depending on perspective.

In light of the continued uncertainty as to the UK’s status within the EU, and in listening to the feedback we have received regarding the title, we have decided to withdraw the theme with immediate effect.  In hindsight, we acknowledge that the title of the theme was open to misinterpretation, and that an alternative title, which better reflected our intentions, would have been more appropriate.

We also apologise for any offence – none was intended.

The Lichfield Festival