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Published date: July 19, 2018
Last modified: July 19, 2018

Young Critics Review 2018 – CBSO

CBSO were an excellent orchestra that consisted of complimentary instruments, perfect rhythm and possible the most enthusiastic conductor I’ve ever seen. Everyone in the orchestra knew when to come in and how, how loud or quiet to play, and even how they should make it fade. I loved hearing all the instruments being played, almost like a battle where one wanted to be played louder than the other, yet blending so well. I loved the iconic venue being the Lichfield Cathedral, as it was a colossal hall where the sound would bounce around, and there were windows with such intricate design that would stand out outstandingly when the sun shone through them. I loved being able to imagine what the music was depicting, especially in one instance where it was almost a contrast between two dystopian worlds, one being nice and happy and suddenly changing to the other full of warfare. I loved learning about Schubert’s 8th symphony, one that was mysteriously unfinished. Overall, CBSO are an exceptional orchestra, and I would hope you would want to see them in the future.

By Sunny Joshi