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Published date: July 17, 2018
Last modified: July 17, 2018

Young Critics Review 2018 – George Egg: DIY Chef

My thoughts on the DIY Chef was mixed the chef was very entertaining and enjoyable and I loved it. I thought that when I walked in that it was a very interesting setup because there was a lot of shed equipment and it looked strange but different in a good way. When I began to watch the man he was very funny but did have some quite sensitive jokes towards certain views that he had and I wouldn’t recommend this to younger kids or teenagers, I think it was more and adult performance for them to understand the jokes that he made. Although he made these jokes they were very funny still and he still made me laugh and was a comedian. The food he made was actual food and he made them with shed equipment like a wallpaper stripper for the heat. The way he presented this was different and weird but a good different and weird. He was very funny and talked about funny things he had done before like he did drive through games. One game was when he said he forgot his wallet and then grabbed the food from the till in front which was actually for the people behind and he also did another joke where he got a voice changer and got a crackle noise and then spoke down the machine and he got a free drink because they had ‘technical difficulties’! He talked also about pranks he did like when you fill the showerhead with sweets and they dissolve from the warm water and make peoples hair sticky afterwards! But I was very surprised and shocked when I watched the first half because I realised that it was actual food he was making from the weird tools. But he did poems at the end which were about food like he did a Jaffa cake poem which was very funny and then we got to taste the delicious food!

By Aaron Cusack