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Published date: July 7, 2019
Last modified: July 8, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – KT Tunstall (by Rebecca Stanley)

KT Tunstall at the Lichfield Cathedral

It is the first show of the Lichfield festival today and I was very excited to see how this was going to work because the Cathedral is a holy building and there is no stage or room for a band in there. But once again Lichfield festival crew and KT managed to fit a stage into the cathedral and use all different kinds of special effects. They even had screens at the sides of the cathedral so that the people who couldn’t see the stage could still see KT and what she was doing. It was very exciting waiting for the show to start and while we were waiting we managed to hear the sound check, she sounded stunning. She has such an angelic and beautiful voice. The cathedral was the right venue for her because she has a really angelic voice and it all just fits together. When you sit in the cathedral with KT on the stage, it just makes you feel like you belong and that you’re at home. One of the best parts of the show is how everyone fitted in the same room and everyone was able to unite as KT Tunstall fans. Plus, there was a big, beautiful stage with all of the professional equipment needed. Another positive is that the stage was high up so even if you were at the back you could see it briefly or you could just look at the screens. KT was 5 minutes late but that was ok because when she came out, she looked dazzling. She was wearing a sparkly golden top and black leather trousers. She has a real stage presence; you can tell that she’s a real star. Don’t even get me started on the emotion she puts into her music, you can tell that she means every word that she sings. Another great thing about the cathedral is the balance of sound and how the sound really carried so you could hear her wherever you were sat. You can tell that she’s a professional because she counted in before every song and she even did some songs by herself without her band which was really impressive. Not only did KT sing but she also spoke to us about her personal experiences and she came into the audience and met some of her fans. KT didn’t just perform one type of music; she performed all different types of music. She swapped her type of guitar with different songs and she was professional about it because she spoke to us when she did so. You could tell that the audience were hooked because she asked for audience participation and most of the people were singing especially the people who sat next to me. They were huge fans and you could tell by their faces. We all know that KT has many talents, not only does she have a phenomenal singing voice, she plays the guitar and she can also play the harmonica. I especially enjoyed the harmonica solo. She can do those things but she also does comedy and jokes. She even spoke Scottish when she was on stage. One of my favourite parts was when she introduced the band with their names; I loved how she gave them credit. There is only one negative for me, the fact that her voice was slightly muffled in places so you couldn’t hear what she was singing. I’m not sure if that’s because she was too close to the microphone or if the tech crew messed up somewhere. An overall amazing performance!! Simply stunning. Well done KT and thank you Lichfield festival for the experience. I will honestly never forget it. There are more experiences like this one going on in the Lichfield festival so be sure to check those out.

By Rebecca Stanley (age 14)