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Published date: July 13, 2018
Last modified: July 13, 2018

Young Critics Review 2018 – Liza Sings Streisand Second Review

Before the show the stage looked interesting. On stage there is a saxophone, a guitar, a bass, a piano, some drums, a cello and a microphone. The atmosphere feels exiting. For the show most people were dressed fancy. I’m the youngest there except my sister. The first thing that happens is; the band walks in and they play a little tune to welcome Liza pulman and as she walks on, the audience applauds.  As the live music starts you start to feel your energy go right out of you! Liza starts singing and it is amazing, all of the audience loose their words. One of the things I like about the show is that Liza communicates with her audience well. The stage lights are spectacular, they really go with the show. The singing is strong and on point there isn’t a note out of tune. I personally recommend this show to everyone, it’s a great night out. My favourite song that Liza sang was her edition of big bad wolf it was spectacular and the comedy inside it was amazing. Liza’s facial expressions were good and her teamwork with the band was very clearly connected. The live music is jumpy, I like how Liza emphasizes her music with expressions and gestures, Liza is very lively and exiting, I’ve decided after watching her show she is my favourite singer. A lot of the people here enjoyed the show especially were Liza puts comedy into her songs. Her costumes were interesting she wore a white jumpsuit with frills and long trousers. She sang a song about long trousers. Her act tells Barbra streisand’s story every detail exact. Her show is educational and awesome! In part 2 Liza jazzed up the songs and she had more interaction with the audience, Liza danced while she was singing. She sang a song called second hand rose it was top quality. She then sang a song in French which was impressive; I think this show is under rated! Liza did more songs and she was wearing a nice red and black dress. In the second half I think the stage lights went well with the dress. After the show everyone was on their feet. Liza left to go and sign albums. When I left I saw Liza  I went up to her and said “will you sign my ticket, you are such a singing inspiration” she said “yes of course, don’t stop singing” every time you go and see the production you can meet Liza.  Overall I give the performance 5 stars its worth going to see, I think you should share it worldwide! I promise that you won’t be disappointed if you go Liza’s voice, as someone young as myself even I like older jazz music it’s Streisand.

By Samantha Stanley