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Published date: July 13, 2018
Last modified: July 13, 2018

Young Critics Review 2018 – Ministry Of Biscuits

Firstly I would like to say that ‘The Ministry of Biscuits’ was a very good performance. It was clear that the choreographer and the actors put in a reasonable amount of time to produce and rehears this show as the stage was well used and the actors knew what they needed to do, where they needed to do it and when they needed to do it.

My compliments to Philip Reeve and Brian Mitchell for their music was incredibly effective and played a great role in the performance. Brian Mitchell also had the role of The Minister of Biscuits, he did a very good job of the role but I feel that in the first half of the show, he over acted his role. But as we watched the second half he seemed to relax a bit and he seemed more comfortable which was a lot more enjoyable because it started to flow like they were jut having a laugh and were all happy to be there.

Amy Sutton played three different characters, Miss Randall, Francoise Courvoissier and Dr. Wischwinge. I think it is amazing how she can play three different characters; she played an English character, a German character and a French character. It’s incredible how she was able to change her entire outfit in a short period.

Murray Simon played Cedric Hobson, the main character. He played his part really well and portrayed a sense of security as an actor. He was extremely funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in action. The part he played was very huge and so he handled the pressure very well; especially when things went wrong. On many occasions leaving the audience in fits of laughter at his well-spoken jokes and acts.  At one point it seemed as though a mistake had happened for him, yet he did well to cover it up and still leave the audience howling at his replacement.

Finally there was David Mounfield who did an excellent job as Babington and the radio presenter. His job was rather hard as his second role required dressing and acting as a woman. He not only did this very well but gave a very detailed and funny performance for the crowd to chuckle at.

Another important part, seemingly small, yet making the performance was the props used throughout. Paul Jones, the creator of these props, creatively made an arrangement of funny and clever items for the actors to use did these.

Overall I really enjoyed the play, it was full of quirky and exciting events, which kept me giggling the entire time. I especially liked, during the end, when there was a twist ending leaving the girl as a French woman. It was very good and I know I had a great night along with my mother. We both enjoyed everything about the performance except the grumpy old man in the row in front, yet he did not succeed to spoil the wonderful play. The play bought about great acting, lots of laughs and a memorable night, which many will remember.

by Erin Gallagher