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Published date: July 7, 2019
Last modified: July 11, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Bobby Seagull (by Jamie Robinson)

Maths Genius Bobby Seagull

Bobby Seagull is 35 and he grew up in East Ham in London. He was named after Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, from his father’s favourite book! His father took him to the library every Saturday and he still does this now.

You may know Bobby from University ChallengeHe also works with a company called National Mathematics, has a page on BBC Bitesize called, ‘Challenge Your Brain with Bobby Seagull’s Maths Puzzles and has a TV show called ‘Monkman and Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain’. Watch out for series 2 – it will be out in September

Bobby loves maths and he is a mathematical genius. He is on a mission to change the way we think about maths!

During the show I went to, Bobby explained how important maths is in everyday life. It is in more places than ever you could imagine! Doing maths helps with so many things that you don’t think about! Best of all Bobby Seagull made telling us all this really funny, he had people rocking in their seats! It was brilliant! It is the first show like this I’ve been to and I’m so glad I went!

I loved it so much I brought his book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Numbers’, got it signed and snapped a selfie with him!

By Jamie Robinson