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Published date: July 7, 2019
Last modified: July 8, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Composition 2 (by Natalie Borenstein)

Composition 2 Exhibition Review

Composition 2 Exhibition was an artistically varied gallery with many extraordinary media. The cathedral provided a beautiful environment and supported the different tones of the artwork through the ancient beige stone and colourful stained-glass windows. Caroline Lowe, in particular, mentioned that she was heavily influenced by the venue in her piece ‘Looking for the Light’, an abstract work with strong cubist presence.

Artist John Rattigan also worked with cubism in his pieces which could be likened to crowded Picasso paintings with a dark and emotive play on space and scenery.

With figures such as these, the gallery was fundamentally dominated by modern art, comprising innovative sculptures and minimalist painters.

Regarding some artwork, it was not only an exercise for the eyes, but also for the mind. Angela Smith’s sculpture, for instance, appeared rather nondescript aesthetically, however held personal and nostalgic significance.

Sculptures that took my attention personally, were Rosie Leventon’s due to their idiosyncratic architectural and conceptual value; the play between the industrial and mundane world was intriguing while inspiration from her travels in the Middle East offered a fresh artistic perspective.

With these artists in mind, the central feature of the exhibition was the variety – the way in which it could appeal to a wide range of minds.

Anita Roye offered beautiful abstract colour, while local artist Peter Walker showcased a uniquely textured painting which was reminiscent of a re-invented Van Gogh.

There was also an impressive selection of impressionist painters, each with individual Romantic spins on their brushes. Lucy Fiona Morrison and Paul O’Leary appeared in the gallery; artists whom I would recommend to any Monet or Marquet lover like myself!

On the whole, I found great cultural satisfaction as a result of my visit. The support of new artists is crucial to the artistic world and viewing this exhibition was an easy task! My only negative feedback would be on the lack of the artistic styles of antiquity; however, the gallery held some very promising contemporaries.

By Natalie Borenstein (age 15)