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Published date: July 17, 2019
Last modified: July 17, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Great Jamaican Songbook (by Esme Boyle)

Great Jamaican Songbook

When we arrived  at the lovely Swinfen Hall we were shown through the trees to the court yard, adjacent to the walled garden. It was a beautiful setting.

The band were in place first and Cleveland joined soon afterwards. When they started to play I could instantly hear their love for their music. They didn’t just play the music, they lived the music. I admired Clevelands ability to suddenly switch into freestyle with his lyrics without any mistakes, I found the entire performance wonderful.

The joyous feeling in Cleveland’s rich, soulful voice seemed to be contagious- only a short while in everybody seemed to be up and moving to the music. Though, I think the sudden down pour had a helping hand. After the rain started and everybody ran for cover under an inconveniently small ledge, they soon realised there was not much point in ducking for cover and had a great time dancing in the rain with their drinks and umbrellas in hand accompanied by an impromptu ‘Singing in the Rain’ performed by Cleveland.

I really enjoyed Cleveland and his bands performance and would highly recommend them to everyone.

by Esme Boyle (age 13)