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Published date: July 14, 2019
Last modified: July 14, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Intimate Theatre (by Owen Weaver)

The Horse, The Crook and the Little Chair by David Titley

The intimate, yet atmospheric, George Hotel was the setting for a specially commissioned piece for Intimate Theatre, written and starring local actor, director and writer David Titley. This informative show tells the story of the life of St. Chad.

Interesting, exciting and religiously focused tales of the Patron of Lichfield are linked together expertly by Titley, whose one man performance of just under 2 hours was wonderful. I think everyone in the room learned a thing or two.

From the story of Chad’s arrival on Iona, his rise to abbot, becoming a Bishop (then not being a Bishop), his friendship with his horse to taking his “little chair”* at Lichfield, the stories were woven together with wit and humour. This was not an easy task; little of St. Chad’s world survives into ours.

Ellie Knight’s Intimate Theatre Company often perform at The George Hotel and the simple set design and lighting of the venue ensured that you felt like you were having a secret conversation with the great saint.

I would not hesitate in recommending this piece to anyone and I do feel that it deserves a wider audience. I was the youngest member of the audience, but I know that many of my school friends would really enjoy learning the history of the man who is closely linked with our City. The piece is not intended to be a history lesson but to give an idea of the character of the saint: it delivers this and more.

Overall, I found the show highly fascinating and the performance of Titley outstanding.

*Cathedral is an old Greek word for a little chair or stool.

By Owen Weaver (age 11)