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Published date: July 7, 2019
Last modified: July 8, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – KT Tunstall (by Samantha Stanley)

KT Tunstall at Lichfield Cathedral – Friday 5th July 2019

The Lichfield festival started today, I was excited to see the opening act KT Tunstall for the first time. At first I was wondering how the Cathedral were going to arrange the stage but it turns out they did it perfectly. I could feel the love in the room, it felt warm and welcoming, and all the people seemed cheery. I sat in my chair waiting for the show to start; I took my gaze over to the brightly lit razzle dazzle stage. It surprised me exactly how many people you can fit in one room – there must have been hundreds and the chairs were very comfy. The stage was huge – it looked very professional. There were even screens around promoting KT and other festival events. They also showed the concert so people could see better. Before the show, I managed to catch a glimpse of the sound check – it sounded amazing.

KT started the show late – it was supposed to start at 7:30pm but instead it started at 7:35pm but it was ok. KT was fashionably late. She was wearing a really beautiful gold T-Shirt and leather trousers. The atmosphere became warmer and welcoming as soon as KT started to sing. The whole audience was united and the sound carried wonderfully in the hollow room. When KT sings, she counts herself and the band in. She always taps her foot to the music I can see her passion for music. KT has very strong beautiful vocals. She’s great! She always puts the right amount of emotion into her songs in fact she sells the stage!! The opening song got the audience roaring. I like the way before KT sings a song she always gives us the meaning behind it. KT always has fun with her band while she’s on stage; the lighting fits perfectly because it matches KT’s spirit. I liked how KT went to meet the audience members that couldn’t see her that was very nice.

KT adds elements of comedy into her show, KT taught us some Scottish. The only bad thing I thought about the show was that at times I couldn’t understand what KT was singing; some of her words were slurred. KT sung different kinds of songs even the blues! One thing I admire about KT is that if something goes wrong on stage she makes it comical. KT really gets the audience involved with her shows so if you like interacting go see KT Tunstall.

Be sure to check out the rest of the festival for more fun!!!

By Samantha Stanley (age 14)