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Published date: July 17, 2019
Last modified: July 17, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Planetarium (by Sophie Swallow)


The planetarium was a good experience for people who would like to find out about space. At first all the children thought it was a bouncy castle but they soon realised it wasn’t. It was really a pop-up 360 degree dome that could hold around 30 people in it. We watched some informative videos. The first clip was about blast off to get to the International Space Station (ISS.) It was very exciting even for under 4s as it showed you the cockpit and the controls. It did a countdown which everyone joined in with. The second clip was Tim Peake speaking about life at the ISS and explained what each area of the station was used for. One of my favourites was Unity – Kitchen as you found out about the food there. It showed us that in Space you had to eat food from packets else it’d float away! Tim Peake also showed us how the ISS orbited around Earth. The International Space Station had to maintain a certain speed to keep in Earth’s orbit otherwise they’d either float off into Space or crash into Earth. This was just some of the many wonders of the ISS that I learnt at the show. I think that the whole planetarium was a successful ‘blast!’

By Sophie Swallow (age 9)