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Published date: July 14, 2019
Last modified: July 14, 2019

Young Critics Review 2019 – Planetarium (by Jack Wilson)

Review of Pole star planetarium

You enter a 360 degree black dome to find a pitch black circular room and you will be told what will happen in case of a fire drill and an actual fire. You sit on the floor to drink in the whole amazing view of space.

The film starts with you being in the control room of a Russian rocket launch site and it will show pictures of Tim Peake’s rocket launch. Then it will show his view from his seat on the rocket and will show the launch and the journey from within the space craft.

Next, you will be told how the international space station stays in orbit and its speed – 7.66 kilometres per second! It then shows you what the different parts of the space station are, which country built them and what they are used for. It shows you the escape module and what would happen if it went faster or slower in orbit. If the space station went slower it would crash into the earth and if it went faster it would fly out of orbit and into space! It also showed you the view of the earth from the space station.

Finally, you will be told about the rings of Saturn and the fact that they made of chunks of ice that are bigger than the average house!
I would recommend this experience if you want to learn about the international space station and space travel.

Thank you for reading my review

By Jack Wilson (age 10)