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Published date: July 18, 2017
Last modified: July 18, 2017

Young Critics Review: BBC Concert Orchestra

The Lichfield Festival Young Critics are all aged 18 and under.  They attend a number of events at the Lichfield Festival and send us their review within 24 hours.  

BBC Concert Orchestra

Once upon a time, at a festival far far away, a flawless concert was held. The BBC concert orchestra were the last performance of the festival, and without a doubt one of the best. The fact that they used different instruments that went together well was brilliant, and the conductor definitely knew what he was doing. The people playing the instruments were very talented musicians, and they meant BUSINESS when they were playing on stage.

Their theme was movie maestros, and they performed themes from blockbusters like The Magnificent Seven, La La Land and, of course, the legendary Star Wars. The middle-aged audience were most definitely captivated right from the start, because they would knew most of the numbers (unlike me, who knew one or two).

The Cathedral itself was very ancient, and the landscape around it was rather modern but with the feeling that royalty stood in the building, held before you once. The person who talked between each song was very comical and entertaining, and talked about both the previous and next song when he did. There were 2 special guests, Damian and Carly, who were on and off accompanying the orchestra by singing. In the beautiful ‘City Of Stars’ from La La Land, they both came on and did a duet. They were just as good as the Orchestra themselves!

I loved it when I could identify the minority of numbers I could. The Lichfield Cathedral was the right kind of place for them, and they were the right kind of people to end the annual festival. When the trumpets abruptly blared out in Henry Mancini’s ‘Pink Panther’ theme, they scared the life out of me! I must give a shout out to the percussionist, who mesmerized me throughout the whole concert.

Overall, the BBC Concert Orchestra and Damian and Carly were brilliant, and I hope to see them again.

By Sunny Joshi

Young Critic