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Published date: March 20, 2019
Last modified: March 20, 2019

Young Critics Review Lichfield Literature 2019 – Dermot Turing (by Aaron Cusack)


The event was sold out and everyone was excited to discover more about the enigma. The event began with amusement as Dermot Turing started with jokes about The Imitation Game, the film based on the story of the enigma, this caught the audiences attention. As the event continued Dermot Turing discussed the sheer importance of the spies in cracking the enigma code and different ciphers and codes that were in the process. This went on to explain the signification of his book title, the title was based on code for secret meeting destinations, X for Paris, Y for London and Z for Warsaw. If you’re looking for a witty and in depth account of the cracking of enigma and all the teams that were involved before Bletchley Park, from a knowledgeable historian, then this event is for you.

By Aaron Cusack