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Published date: July 13, 2017
Last modified: July 13, 2017

Young Critics Review: Seth Lakeman and Wildwood Kin

The Lichfield Festival Young Critics are all aged 18 and under.  They attend a number of events at the Lichfield Festival and send us their review within 24 hours.  

Seth Lakeman and Wildwood Kin

On Tuesday 11th I went to see Seth Lakeman and Wildwood Kin at Lichfield Cathedral which was a fantastic night even with the rain. The dramatic purple lighting and dry ice brought both the setting and the stage to life. The cathedral was a stunning setting and was perfect for Seth’s music. The performance started off with Seth Lakeman playing not only the fiddle but the viola, drum pad, guitar and the mandolin. His music was haunting as well as upbeat, each song was full of emotion and ended with a tremendous round of applause. Before performing, Seth introduced the history of the song and what it meant to him as well as making a lot of jokes about his children.

Wildwood Kin were amazing, their voices were beautiful and they didn’t stop smiling. Their voices blended perfectly with Seth’s acoustic instruments and their Anglo and Americana style amazed the audience. It was clear Seth and the trio were passionate about their music – even a car alarm couldn’t stop them!

My favourite song was Kitty Jay because Seth put all his effort into the performance and the song became so frantic that his bow showed the strains of the pace. It was an extremely sad song full of emotion because it was about a young servant girl who killed herself on the moors. His tribute to the tragedy at Mousehole was touching and the song ‘Innocent Child’ he wrote about his young children was heart-warming.

The audience loved the music by Seth and Wildwood Kin, many people got involved by nodding their heads and tapping their feet. When Seth left the stage there were cries of encore and cheering so he came back and got everyone up on their feet. He got really involved with the audience by encouraging them to sing and get up to dance which many people did.

Overall, I really enjoyed the performance by Seth Lakeman and Wildwood Kin because I loved the folk music and the atmosphere created.


By Clodagh Delahunty- Forrest