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Feminist Literature

Published date: February 6, 2019
Last modified: February 6, 2019

One word: Feminism.

What does Feminism mean to you? How does Feminism impact you? Are you a Feminist?

Living in 2019, in a world so different to the Suffragettes of the 19th/20thcenturies, it can be easy to forget how important feminism is.

Katherine Connelly, in her book A Suffragette in America uncovers the story of one of Britain’s most famous radicals, E. Sylvia Pankhurst, visiting the ‘Land of the Free’. In a state that has recently had a female presidential nominee, we may forget the dark side of American society that Pankhurst encountered in 1911-1912.

Pankhurst got her hands dirty in campaigning for gender equality in America, she visited female prisoners in Philadelphia and Chicago, met with striking laundry workers in New York and grappling with horrific racism in Nashville, Tennessee. This story told by Connelly marks an important stage in the development of Suffragette thought.

Maggie Andrews and Janis Lomas take a different perspective on the history of women by telling their tale of women and womanhood through 100 objects. From the corset to the contraceptive pill, the bones of the first woman to Rosa Parks’s mugshot and the iconic Mary Quant cape, A History of Women in 100 Objects documents the developing role of women in society through the lens of the animate objects that touched women’s lives, were created by women or that at some point- perhaps even still -oppressed them.

At Lichfield Literature 2019, these events will highlight the important history behind feminism. From these authors we can begin to dissect what it means to be a feminist and appreciate how the history of gender equality impacts us today. These events will allow you to appreciate how far women have progressed through history but may leave you questioning, how much further do women have to come?


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